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About Us

A small Detroit tech based engineering team with a passion for innovation.  We unapologetically love technology, next-gen apps and architecture.  Whether it's a website, a big, or small commerce, system integrations, API's, reporting, or a mobile app - we're on board.

Our Services

Tech Support, Consulting

Helping to create better solutions by getting answers to your questions and consulting on your current project, workflow or architecture - all while working with you.


Let us create your next-gen customer facing or internal solution or improve upon existing applications that power your business.  We'll work with you at every step of the process to ensure your requirements are met or exceeded.

Cloud SaaS & Uptime Monitoring

Whether you're looking for a website or n-tier business application hosting - our cloud hosting infrastructure and uptime monitoring can help power your systems and solutions.

Scalable pricing that works for you.

All plans requires a minimum six month service level agreement.

 A 30 day notice is required prior to cancellation, customers may upgrade to another tier plan at any time, for plan downgrades a 30 notice is requested so that your solution and usage can be assessed for downgrade and a strategic transition plan can be communicated and aided to ensure customer solutions minimal-to-no downtime.
4 hrs of technical support, consulting, development
8 hrs of technical support, consulting, development
16 hrs of technical support, consulting, development
20 hrs of technical support, consulting, development
On-Site support for organizations that need in-person technical care (currently available to Michigan customers only).
Premium remote agent support with infrastructure autoscaling, managed by us, for your peace of mind.
Continuous Integration, Continuous Deliveriy & Solution Hosting included within our Cloud Infrastructure.

Technical Support, consulting, or development hours to use as you see fit.
UpTime Tracking and Monitoring
Ticket Tracking and Support Updates
All plans are retainer based and all transactions are considered final. 
All customer agreements prior to 2018 are superseded by the service plans listed here.

Result driven workflow

We want what you want, and so we start with asking...

What's the ideal result you'd like to achieve?

Whether it be architecture or product development we find by working our way back from your goal we can find the best solution to fit your needs.  From a simple question we can identify pain points, workflow issues, root cause and help to ensure not only does your solution meet and / or exceed your expectations but also opens your organization to growth.
Let's Discuss Your Project
Quality - Test Driven Development (TDD)
Through our test driven development practices we verify both architecture performance and applications functionality to ensure the quality of our customers solutions.
Agile - Planning that makes sense
Collaboration and communication are essential to any project.  We use an agile approach to communicate, plan, develop and demonstrate our customers deliverables.
Accessibility - Across regions and devices
Scalability and flexibility is everything. From hand held mobile devices to desktops and server-to-server communications it's essential that our deliverables are able to be expanded upon and allow our customers solutions to grow on-demand with their needs.

Your IoT and Cloud Ninjas

Let us be your IoT and Cloud based assassins.  

Don't allow your organization or solutions to get bottle-necked by a not-so-great design. Allow your IoT solution to horizontally scale, providing accessibility from edge locations that are close to your clients. Your solutions should be accessible and responsive whether it's via a cloud based CDN, or load balanced custom solutions.
Let's talk Cloud, IoT

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For any questions regarding development, support or other questions please reach out to us via the form below.

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