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About Us

We're a fast paced engineering shop with a passion for innovation and technology. Whether it's a web site, big, or small commerce, data & system integrations, API's, custom dashboards and reporting, mobile app development, or tech debt, it doesn't matter - we're on board.

Our Services

Technical Support & Consulting

Do you have a website or technical debt that you've inherited? Are you interested in consolidating and updating your systems and it's assets? Maybe you just need help planning your next web, mobile, or desktop application. We can help.

Web & Data Development

Let us create your next-gen customer facing or internal solution or improve upon existing applications that power your business.  We'll work with you at every step of the process to ensure your requirements are met or exceeded.

Cloud Scaling and Monitoring

Let us help position your systems in an environment that grows with your demands. Our cloud based horizontal scaling enables your stack to grow as fast as you can! We're proactive, what's that mean? Every solution is setup with monitoring and alerting.

Solutions that scale, prices too.

All plans requires a minimum six month service level agreement. A 60 day notice is required prior to plan downgrades, or cancellations so that your solution and usage can be assessed and a strategic transition plan with minimal-to-no downtime can be executed. 

Customers may upgrade to a higher tier of service at any time.
4 hrs of technical support, consulting, development
8 hrs of technical support, consulting, development
16 hrs of technical support, consulting, development
20 hrs of technical support, consulting, development
Infrastructure auto-scaling and a  dedicated premium support agent, for your peace of mind.
Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Solution Hosting all included within our managed Cloud Infrastructure.

Technical Support, consulting, or development hours to use as you see fit.
UpTime Tracking and Monitoring
Ticket Tracking and Support Updates
All plans are retainer based and all transactions are considered final. 
All customer agreements prior to 2018 are superseded by the service plans listed here.

Results that you can see.

We take pride in being able to handle a wide variety technical architectures, infrastructures and software languages.  Our intent is to have an open conversation with you to identify pain points, workflow issues, root cause and help to ensure not only does your solution meet and exceed your expectations, but also positions your organization for future growth.
Test Driven Development (TDD)
Through our test driven development practices we verify both architecture performance and application functionality to ensure the quality of all deliverables.
Planning that makes sense
Collaboration and communication are essential to any project.  We openly communicate and use an agile approach to plan, develop and deliver every solution.
Accessibility across regions and devices
Scalability and flexibility is everything. From hand held mobile devices to desktops and server-to-server communications it's essential that our deliverables are able to be expanded upon and allow our customers solutions to grow on-demand with their needs.

Your IoT and Cloud Ninjas

We are connection and integration assassins.  

Don't let your workflow and systems be throttled by bad design or antiquated practices. Let's discuss how we can put your data to work in a multitude systems, platforms and devices to help you get the best return on your IT investments.

Contact Us, let's talk.

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